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    RJHH TOKYO : Dawson Baiden at Spincoaster

About Me

Based in Tokyo.

Photographer of the underground Tokyo, I spend most of my time in the artistic events of the capital, from exhibitions to live hip hop concert.

Been living in China before moving to Japan, I am able to speak fluently Chinese. But it is in Tokyo that I discovered the Hip Hop world and photography.

Photographer/guide for TokyoSafari & Gokan, official photographer for Real Japanese Hip Hop, the french #1 magazine on Japanese Hip Hop, I dedicate myself to the underground and urban life of the japanese capital.

If you want to create something together or to drop me a hello, contact me at bonjour@tristandenis.co ! Or you can send me a dm with Instagram : @tristan.denis, Facebook : Tristan Denis, or Twitter : iamtristandenis !